Good news! As things start to open up again we hope to kickstart in-person rehearsals.

Unfortunately due to limited capacity in our rehearsal space and in line with social distancing guidelines we are unable to invite new prospective members to join the choir and have had to close our waiting list for now. Please keep an eye here or on our social media accounts to keep up to date when we’ll next be recruiting. Our next open rehearsal is likely to be in January 2022.

Leeds Vocal Movement is a fun, educational and social choir that aims to perfect and perform music spanning a range of genres, including contemporary, classical, jazz, sacred and traditional music on an international level.

Focusing on inclusive musical education and aiming to bridge the gap between youth choirs and professional choirs, we’ve made huge leaps and bounds in recent months and we’re showing no signs of slowing down yet.

In addition, our Musical Director Caitlin Mayall uses the Kodály method to help our members develop their ability to pitch, sight-read and improve tuning. We have a blog all about Kodaly, right here.